Sunday, 16 December 2012

FFM-not so much

FFM, the acronym for female, female, male. Who knew? Erotic authors and readers know. MM (male, male) sells well, as does MMM or MFM, or MMF. FFM, not so much. It took not a little courage to write this novel, and I leaned on my gay friends not a little! One of them told me that heterosexual women read gay erotica featuring men a whole lot but aren't as interested in FF. I guess when I thought about it I wasn't either.  Except Jackie and her girl Ashley had to be written. Jackie also loves Alistair, so we have that triangle as well...I loved writing this book and to date those who read it loved it too. I begged the cover artist not to make the hero prevalent and bless him, he didn't. Not that Alistair isn't dominant. He most definitely is, and how this relationship sorted itself out was sweet. I don't know if I'll write this configuration again, but I'm glad I tried it once. Oh, and there's a nice doggie too.

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  1. Surrounded is one of my favorite books by Allyson Young! Such unexpected emotions and what great emotion! Well done!