Tuesday, 18 June 2013

About Mary's Naughty Whispers

Mary has a new blog. She's also Canadian, French-Canadian, and I read her reviews often. She challenged me to write a menage with four men, one woman. I can't write four men-there is always a part left out somehow. I didn't think I wanted to write three men. But I woke up done day with this sci fi romance in my head, a menage, and have hammered out just over 20K on the thing.

Can three dominant males make a feisty woman submissive? Particulary when she ended up with them hardly of her own accord. They are mighty persuasive, and bossy too. She doesn't have a lot of alternatives seeing as she was won in a poker game and her brother will go to prison if she doesn't comply...do you see her dilemma?

And I have to add in the planetary travel because I'm a Trekkie and you know...plus my fascination with BDSM. So it'll be harsh and readers are gonna be cross with me for not giving her a safe word etc. You can't please all the critics all of the time! 

There's also a prophecy being filled here. Too bad they didn't tell her about it right from the get go. Somebodies are going to get their asses kicked by one little subbie. My heroines always come out on top.

So, if I get it done and submitted, and accepted, Mary may yet see her challenge met. With three, not four men.

Later. Ally

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