Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The New Year

2015 - Still the worst blogger ever. I'm doing waaaay better on Craving Erotic Romance Authors Blogspot http://cravingeroticromance.blogspot.ca/ and I should probably stick to that. But every now and then I pop over here and see where I've been and realize where I've gone! My writing has evolved. Less sex more plot. This year, 50/50!!

I've met so many wonderful people last year. Authors, readers, bloggers. I've made friends who I may never lay eyes on but who are special to me. I can't wait to connect with them on FB every day if only for a quick post.

One of my author friends became an indie author and is doing amazingly well. I edit for her and she blows me away. Another is writing erotica and with her unique style and command of language is soaring. Yet another is spreading her wings. What a world we are blessed with to be able to write and publish at will. There is a book for everyone and reading and writing is my first love after family.

I write for me and for the readers who like my style and approach. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, lol. Happy New Year.

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