Friday, 23 November 2012

Not the kindest novels...

I've always favored the dark side of romance. I even wrote one without a HEA and was asked to revise before it would be accepted for publishing. BROKEN featured the hero being rejected by the heroine and having to accept that when you screw up that big, there's no coming back. And she dies of a broken heart. Because you can. But I rewrote the ending and of course she let him back into her life and they worked it out...lots of mixed reviews about that one, probably bc I was so conflicted.

I recently wrote a novella titled The Right Thing, about an incredibly selfish, damaged man, somebody really hard to like, even if he came by it honestly. The heroine sacrificed and he gained from it-and became the man we all want., and maybe deserve. He tumbled to the fact it's better to love another person, sometimes at great risk, than to never give your heart. An amazing publisher has offered to publish it-the review coordinator saw past his asshole personna and to the man he could become, if only he followed his heart. Bless her. So I may write the sides of people many romance readers would prefer not to think about, but it is what it is. Love rarely comes easy and it can be quite dark.

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